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Would I taste wines represented by other agents?

This a question that I have been asked lately. I would be happy to; with the possibility of incorporating some of them into the story of the novel that I am working on at the time.

I would be willing to accept a sample with tasting notes and technical specifications in English, provided by a local wine agent or attend a tasting in the Montreal office of a Quebec wine agency (no salons please) under the following conditions:

- That the wines fit the luxury wine category and are ready to drink with some potential for aging. I urge producers and agents to think about who these characters are and the world they live in. Does it make sense for them to be drinking these wines?

- That the wine agent does not have the producer send me samples directly. I will not accept them. There are charges and there is administration involved.

- That the producer and wine agent understand that the genre of these books is erotic romance with sexually explict material intended for mature audiences.

- That the producer and agent understand that I am going to make the books available on Amazon in different countries in English and may be offered representation to sell the series at some point to publishers; including some in countries where the work would be translated. I can not be responsible for what happens in translation or the publishers' editing process. It would be beyond my control.

- That the producer and agent do not hold me to a time-frame for the release of the upcoming book.

- That the producer and agent understand that I reserve the right not to write about the wine for whatever reason without explanation. It may not fit the storyline as the book develops, for example.

- That I am not obligated to give the agent credit for the sample or mention the agent in any way.

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