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Diana, who resides in Montreal with her supportive husband and lovable dogs, has a B.A., Marketing Communications from Concordia University, was President of the Montreal Chapter of the Business/Professional Advertising Association and has worked in Marketing Communications on the corporate and agency side.


Passionate about fine wine, it was only natural she would combine her education, skills and work experience with her knowledge and appreciation of luxury wine.  


In 2004 Diana established Les Vins Aldi, an agency specializing in the sale and promotion of luxury wine in the province of Quebec. Her big break came the same year when she turned her attention to the prestigious and rare wines of Bordeaux.  


In 2007 Diana was inducted into La Jurade de Saint-Émilion and became an ambassador for the wines of Saint-Émilion in her part of the world.  As an insider, Diana was afforded a front row seat to this fascinating world and the bigger than life individuals who pass through it. 


Luxury wine is therefore, the underlying theme of this work of provocative contemporary fiction that celebrates characters and readers over thirty.  Like her characters, Diana believes great wine can take you on a hedonistic voyage outside of yourself.


The author is still working actively as a wine agent, though her porftolio has been streamlined to accommodate the dual careers.


Diana fulfills a long time dream with the upmarket DESIRE & LUXURY WINE series

in which she introduces readers to a world of flamboyant seductive characters who dedicate themselves to the pursuit of pleasure.  At the center of each story are two compelling individuals destined to be together.  

"Write what you know," they say. "Write the kind of book you'd like to read," they say. Diana took that advice to heart.

Diana's books are available on Amazon (Kindle, Paperback, Hardcover).

Diana is a member of Romance Writers of America nd RWA Passionate Ink.

Note from the author: 
My mission is to give readers well-developed, interesting, memorable characters who lead extraordinary lives and are still believable, steamy love scenes that fit the story and intriguing story lines with a little something extra; an element of mystery or suspense, a hint of the paranormal, and always a touch of humor.  The couples in

the Desire & Luxury Wine series always get their happily-ever-after ending, but they have to work for it.

Join me (and my characters) on this exciting journey, won't you!?

-- Diana


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