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In the glamorous and hedonistic world of luxury wine, Ela Zalewski is at the height of her career. The Montreal-based wine agent spent years building her own business through hard work, persistence and excellence and is now enjoying the fruits of her labor. Though not classically beautiful, Ela is a very alluring woman nonetheless. The petite brunette exudes so much self-confidence and sensuality that she never lacks for admirers among the flamboyant men she encounters in her industry. Well aware of her effect on the opposite sex, Ela has, over the years, enjoyed physical pleasure with some very accomplished lovers to whom she had no real emotional ties—just the way she likes it.
On a business trip to Bordeaux, Ela meets billionaire industrialist Torsten Lucas Furst, who runs his empire out of Munich. Enigmatic with a commanding presence, Torsten still has a trace of boyish good looks to soften his handsome masculine features. Ela finds that irresistible and agrees to join him for a romantic tryst in Rome, where he expertly initiates her in a deeper discovery of her sexuality and takes her to new heights of passion.
Torsten is at first intrigued by Ela and then enamored of her as she becomes his perfect match in bed. Ela reaches a new level of erotic intimacy when she falls deeply in love for the first time in her life.
Ela and Torsten enjoy the pleasures of the privileged while their need for each other grows. When Torsten talks about a future together, Ela dreams of a happily ever after. But their bliss is short lived, as Ela soon learns that what Torsten has in mind is not what she had hoped for. Destiny brought these two improbable lovers together. Will two strong wills and stubborn pride stand in the way of reconciliation?
Stunning, cerebral Isla Duncan is the Montreal-based author of celebrated erotic romance novels. Isla knows a lot about sex, but though she gives her readers the “they lived happily ever after” ending they crave, she herself has never experienced love.

Jonas Koertig is a billionaire whose diversified companies are headquartered in Munich. Jonas possesses the masculine good looks and superior intelligence of the main male characters in Isla’s books, but is far more resourceful, exceedingly more powerful and a lot more egocentric. With a penchant for young, compliant, leggy and well-endowed women that party for a living, the thought of a committed relationship with a woman who thinks for herself makes Jonas break out in hives.

Isla, with her deep copper hair and turquoise eyes, resembles an aunt she never met, but from whom she inherited a vintage Claddagh ring. Her namesake swore that the Gaelic wedding ring was a talisman that would attract one’s soul mate.

Though Isla gives little credence to her aunt’s superstitious belief, she has used it as inspiration for her latest book, The Claddagh Ring. The novel is on the verge of becoming her most successful to date, and Isla’s publicist convinces her to wear her aunt’s ring when making promotional appearances.

On her way to a promotional event, Isla is trapped in the close confines of a malfunctioning elevator with a virile looking man that could easily have been the alpha-male in her latest book. While they wait, the stranger asks about the book in her bag. Not revealing that she is the author, Isla explains the genre and that love is the predominant theme. The mention of love has him curling his lip in disdain and insulting her work.

The petite redhead with the unusual eyes gives it right back to him, and Jonas finds himself doing the unimaginable: He invites her to have dinner with him. Isla smiles sweetly and tells him she’d rather stick a fork in her eye.

Why had he invited the woman to dinner? Stranger yet: why had she not accepted? Women didn’t refuse him anything … At least, not the ones he knew. There was something so familiar about this redhead.

Their paths would cross again in a story more fantastical than the ones on the pages of an Isla Duncan erotic romance novel.
With a newly framed certificate in teaching, beautiful dark haired Isabel Vega is alone in the world and only weeks away from being completely broke. Hiding under oversize dowdy garments to be taken seriously as she looks for a position in the city of Madrid, Isabel’s smoldering sexuality, so close to the surface, does not escape the practiced eye of  a man named Xander.


Incredibly wealthy and at the top of a list of only five people in the world with very specialized technical skills, Xander is driven by a family tragedy to take vulnerable young women under his wing and educate them. 


With no job prospects in her field, it seems that Isabel’s only option is to return to the grocery store where she worked as a student. In a twist of fate, Isabel enters into an unorthodox contract with a handsome mysterious stranger she knows only as Xander, and becomes his fourth student.    


The contract stipulates that Isabel must follow his instructions without question for a period of one full year. She has been warned that though they will be as intimate, as two people can be, she must never think of him as her boyfriend or expect him to demonstrate any affection outside of their sessions.


On their last night together, Xander’s star pupil asks him if he would make love to her the way a man makes love to a woman he is in love with. Could he pretend this last time that it is like that between them? Xander agrees … Only, he’s not pretending. Xander has broken his own cardinal rule.


Morning finds Isabel alone in bed. For Xander, walking away from Isabel is one of the hardest things he has ever had to do. Still guilt-ridden over the preventable death of someone dear to him, Xander does not believe that he has a right to happiness … And, there are other young women in need of empowerment.


Then a chance encounter with a psychic, gives Xander a message from beyond the grave that sets him free … and pushes him to find Isabel.


But Isabel is no longer his student and has been living in Bordeaux for over three years. Xander has been tracking her whereabouts, but beyond that, knows nothing about her new life. Is she much changed? Will she be receptive to the man who left her the way he did? Is she in love with someone else? Did she ever love him back?


Adult romantic suspense.


A post graduate degree in wine marketing and management from a prestigious Bordeaux school, prepared small town girl Brenna Ryan for a rewarding career in a field she is passionate about. But it’s her connection to escort Dominique Augustin that brings glamor and excitement into Brenna’s life.


Thanks to Dominique, Brenna has confidence in abundance, a heightened sense of style and an unmistakable aura of sensuality – with a side benefit of financial independence.  


Romantic love is not a priority, but the sheet-clenching, euphoria-inducing “O” she has yet to experience, is at the top of Brenna’s bucket list.


Émile Delacroix unexpectedly finds himself heir to a vast fortune, a business empire and a French wine-producing château. With all the polish money can buy, Émile never lost the street-fighter instincts which once defined him. Those same instincts warned him to avoid entanglements of the heart and steered him towards liaisons purely sexual in nature.


The newly minted billionaire with tough-guy build, is a dangerous man to cross and an even more dangerous one to love.


Will a man with a past be the one to give a woman with a secret what she needs? But at what price?


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