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5 star review from a man's point of view on Amazon!

I'm very proud to have male and female readers!

John H Wear 5.0 out of 5 stars Not just a romance story August 9, 2018 Format: Kindle Edition Private Reserve, a novel by Diana Sobolewski is a different style of romance story. I purchased the book because it implied luxury wine was involved, and high heels on the cover caught my attention. I confess here that I am a man who doesn’t read a lot of romance books because they seem to be often of the cookie-cutter style of mass production of stories. That means because I don’t have lot of free time I was quite prepared not to finish the book if it didn’t hold my attention. I finished the novel. Ms. Sobolewski crafted an engaging tale of a woman, Elżbieta (Ela) Zalewski, who is in search of fine wine, food, adventure and love. I shall not list the characters in the book; there are a number of them. However each one is a fully formed individual and the author doesn’t give in to merely giving a pencil sketch. After you finish reading this book you will know them as real people. If you like wine and food, and this is one of the reasons I choose this book, you will be delighted with Ms. Sobolewski’s knowledge of wine and their pairings with food. As it turns out, she is a wine connoisseur and the knowledge is spread throughout the story. The world of wine wouldn’t be complete without a visit to France, and the reader is taken to a journey there as well. Overall I was impressed with the detail she put into each part of the story. One could appreciate the different wines she spoke about. As for the romance part, I will tell you the bedroom scenes are done in the same good taste and detail as the wine. And yes, there is a happy ending. In short, Private Reserve will entertain you, add to knowledge of fine wines and make you want to read Ms. Sobolewski’s next novel.

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