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Life after the Desire & Luxury Wine series


Sixty percent of my manuscript for Book 3 Master Class is written and I know where the story is going and how it will end. Happily, of course. And I have a few solid chapters done for Book 4, Late Harvest; the final book in the Desire & Luxury Wine series.

“So what’s next,” I’m frequently asked. “I can answer that,” I reply confidently.

My fifth book, also in the Erotic Romance genre will be a stand-alone titled Blind-sighted

by Diana Sobolewski.

If you’re interested, here’s a sneak peek at my notes:

Blind-sighted, hinting at being blind-sided, which the hero is (more about this later), also refers to the hero “seeing” what he’s missed or taken for granted as a sighted man, after he loses his eyesight.

Of course it takes a gutsy woman who won’t put up with his nonsense, to get the hero there.

First, a little back ground on the hero: He’s talented and hard working with a long list of accomplishments to his credit. He’s actually considerate of the people who work for him in his various companies and equally of his household staff. He’s well liked and he’s earned respect, but and this is a big BUT, he’s always looked for some kind of thrill … to fill that something missing. Unfortunately, he’s been looking at it all wrong (sorry, just had to do that). Even worse, he’s always thought himself to be invincible and that’s made him reckless.

When the car accident leaves him blind and dependant on others, he becomes bitter, lashes out and wishes he had died when his exotic sports car rolled and hit a tree on the winding country road up to his private retreat. His loyal employees are at their wits end. He chases away anyone they bring in to work with him.

Enter the woman who won’t be scared off. She can’t afford to be. She needs the money. But she’s not prepared to coddle him. She stands up to him and challenges him at every turn, and that proves to be the best therapy of all.

Picture a man who has a cellar stocked with fine wines, but it’s mostly for show. He’s never stopped to appreciate how aromatic and complex these wines are on the nose and palette. He has a yacht, but he’s never gotten any pleasure from the cooling salty breezes nor the warmth of the sun on his face. He never understood the depth of emotion that could exalt you or destroy you, or both, when you give yourself over to one of Puccini’s opera’s, like Madame Butterfly or Tosca. Until her.

The heroine lets him believe she’s mousy just because his taste in women runs to women with certain physical attributes. She finds the hero rather shallow in that respect, you see. He hasn’t imagined for one second, that a woman with an opinion could be attractive and vice versa. In his mind, the two were mutually exclusive. So, he automatically assumes that the heroine must be homely, if not absolutely hideous, because she has opinions about everything.

When he starts to regain his eye sight unexpectedly, he makes out the face of an angel. When his physician gives him the happy news that he can soon expect his eyesight to return fully, he swears the man to secrecy. If the heroine finds out, she’ll leave her job. And he can’t have that. She’s the most infuriating, complicated and desirable woman he’s ever met. And he’s decided that while still blind. Here’s where he becomes redeemable. But it’s going to be a daunting task to redeem himself in the heroine’s eyes (I just had to go with the “eyes” reference again).

At one point everyone is out of the house and the master of the house is in his room napping. The heroine makes a last minute decision to take a dip in the pool. Her bathing suit is in the wash and she doesn’t own a spare, so she goes in naked. Standing at the window admiring the grounds, the hero marvels at the serene beauty of the garden, and can’t believe he’s never noticed. Looking over to the pool area, the hero witnesses the heroine emerging from the water in all of her naked splendor and is rocked back on his heels.

There you have it … my next project. I think this writing thing is sticking.

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