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The Amazon reviews have just barely started to come in for PRIVATE RESERVE and I know it will take several weeks, but readers have been getting in touch in a variety of ways to let me know what they are thinking. After receiving high praise for Book 1, I now have the big responsibility of living up to my readers' expectations when it comes to Book 2 MAXIMUM YIELD.

I am fascinated by how different people love PRIVATE RESERVE for different reasons and even more so by what they would like to see in MAXIMUM YIELD. All suggestions are duly noted.

Having written Isla Duncan and Jonas Koertig as such strong well developed characters, readers' expectations are naturally quite high, as are my own. I have no choice but to do them justice. But don't worry they wouldn't allow me to do otherwise.

As I get back to writing their story, they will reveal more of themselves to me. I cant wait to get immersed in their complicated lives and amusing antics.

I have a feeling that the journey won't be boring. I look forward to sharing Isla and Jonas with all of you.

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