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PRIVATE RESERVE: Dedication, acknowledgements, special thanks & professional credits


To my real life hero, my brilliant husband, Georges, who understood that I just had to pursue my dream and encouraged me to do so. Thank you for your unconditional love and support, and for keeping me laughing throughout the process. Whenever I would recount some fantastical part of the story, we would always go through the same banter.

“What color is the sky in your world?”

“Blue. But it’s always blue.”

“So it never rains?”

“No. Never. It’s my world.”

You are my rock. Every woman should have a Georges in her life. She would be richer for it. I dedicate this book to you.

Deserving of special mention: GSD Daisy and GSD-Husky Kolten, my constant companions while I was writing; who alerted me when the city was stealing our garbage and when dogs passed the house. Mostly though, they motivated me to keep up our power walks, so that I would get my exercise and some fresh air.


Thank you to:

My husband and the family and friends who encouraged me in my career as a wine agent to begin with.

The people who helped me to reach higher professionally and go farther in the world of luxury wine than I could have ever imagined.

The hardworking wine producers who continue to hone their craft so that we may find pleasure in every glass.

The colorful people in the world of luxury wine that lent texture to the characters on the pages of this book. My hope is that you never give in to convention and continue to live life on your own terms. You are so much more interesting the way you are.

The special person who ignited my imagination. Our paths crossed for a reason. When I drink white wine in the summertime, I think of you and smile.

The family and friends who encouraged me in my career as a novelist and shared my vision. I loved it when you demanded updates and that I sign your copies. It was very motivating.

Special thanks:

Gilles, you have always impressed me with your out of the box thinking; I am convinced this is the reason you are so successful. Your suggestion to do a series is why there is a series.

Kristine, you are so talented in your own right. You nurtured my writer’s soul and gave me some good advice along the way.

Alex, Tomi and Angela, your support was precious.

Celeste, you are such an accomplished woman. Seeing my characters through your eyes was invaluable.

Donna, you are so creative yourself, and you have faced and overcome huge challenges. You showed me that a strong will can take us were we need to be.

Jayne, my pen pal from across the pond since sixth grade. It started with letter writing, and now look.

Sue, I’m so glad you got me hooked on historical romance novels when we were in our teens.

Al, when I walked into your office and announced that I was writing this series, you took me seriously and immediately offered to help. You gave my work that professional touch. Jannike, outstanding job.

Madeline, you definitely know the genre and the pointers you gave me were great.

Michel, sharing your knowledge about web design and construction to promote author and series put me on the right path.

Robert, the way you were thinking “big” for me was inspiring.

Alain, your quote is priceless, “It’s all fiction … except for the facts.” I love your wicked sense of humor.

Everyone at the salon, the way you shared in my excitement was uplifting.

Avid readers and next-door neighbors, for your perspective on what’s entertaining.

All of my readers. You are the ones that really bring the characters to life.

Professional Credits:

Al Stavro and Jannike Hess: Design, layout and production.

Vin Par Vin: Wine expertise

Madeline Hopkins: Editing services


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