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The hard questions:

Q: You are a wine agent with a marketing communications background, and the author of a lusty romance novel that has luxury wine as its sub-theme. How would you describe yourself?

A: I would have to say that I am a marketing-oriented wine-loving romantic.

Q: How do you define success when it comes to writing a series of provocative novels where the characters are over thirty years of age and luxury wine is part of the story?

A: In stages: Is this work something I can be proud of? Does it resonate with a new age group as intended? Does it entertain? Do readers enjoy the wine references and maybe even try some wines from these appellations? Does the English version of the Private Reserve and the rest of the series have the appeal to sell domestically and in some foreign markets? Only time will tell and it will take time, but I'm optomistic. I have to be.

Q: What would make you absolutely ecstatic?

A: Two things: 1) Positive reviews. 2) An offer of representation from a literary agency for foreign rights. A number of people in Quebec and France want to know if Private Reserve and the other books will be available in French; so if that should happen I would be wearing a silly grin for weeks. Of course if the the work should be sold to publishers in other territories and translated into more languages, I would probably need to be sedated.

Q: How do you think people in the wine industry will react?

A: It is definitely luxury wine in a different context. I have had some very positive responses from some gutsy wine professionals. They voiced their support right away. Others, I suspect, are in a wait-and-see frame of mind. I don't think anything quite like this has been done before; to this extent and with so much detail. It's unchartered territory. But then, that's what's fun about it. I hope they take it for what it is and enjoy it, just as I hope that readers who are not connected to the wine industry do.

Q: How would you like people that you know to think of you professionally?

A: As someone that does what she says she will do; if not prevented by a significant change of circumstances or circumstances beyond my control.


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