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Who is Diana Sobolewski the writer ... really?

Early in life, Diana found girl detective Nancy Drew and decided that that girls/women could do anything.

She read all of the books assigned in school, of course, and turned in book reports without groaning. English class was her favorite. She even thought that plays and sonnets by William Shakespeare were pretty cool.

Diana was also a regular a the local librairy and became an avid reader of well, everything. One day she picked up Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchel, and her parents didn't see her for a whole two weeks.

Diana had discovered that she liked storytelling even more. With the encouragement of teachers, Diana wrote short stories from horror to comedy and tapping into teenage emotions, a set of poems as well. But, the habit of burying her nose in a book continued.

A friend introduced her to historical romance. The Flame and The Flower, and the Wolf and The Dove by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss had her hooked on the genre for years.

Magazines were not left out of the reading material pile (fashion, decor, cars, yachts, travel, dogs, wine). Playgirl, which she read only for the articles (okay she did take a peek), had made quite the impression.

Diana's ability to express herself through the written word, and the fact that she produced a fashion show in CEGEP, got her into the Marketing Communications programme at Concordia University, where she took a writing course on the side.

Writing was always at the forefront of her work life. Diana wrote employee newsletters for an international company in her first job. Then she was hired as an editor for a pharmaceutical company, which involved writing newsletters for employees, physicians and pharmacists. Writing remained part of her professional life for years, and served her well, when she contacted wine producers and convinced them to go with her new wine agency.

Diana is sure that this was all meant to lead her to a career as an author.

These days, Diana is under the spell of Diana Gabaldon and idolizes Nora Roberts.

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