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Q: Why is Ela Zalewski 40 and Torsten Lucus Furst 50 and not younger? And, why 40 and 50 rather than say 39 and 49? A: I related to them better because they weren’t younger. I specifically wrote them as 40 and 50 because some people dread turning 40 and 50. I wanted it to be okay for a woman who is 40 and a man of 50 to be sexual, fall in love and still have a lot to strive for and accomplish. I plan to continue writing main characters that are at least 30 and usually older.

You can be vibrant at any age. For some people reaching a certain age, could be the perfect time for their Second Chance… A second chance at love, at a career … the way they live their lives … doing things they put off, didn’t have time for or were hindered somehow from pursuing. I think the part of what makes Ela and Torsten interesting people is that they have had some life experience behind them and still have the potential for growth.

Q: There is a lot of sex and you get into a lot of details. Were those parts hard to write?

A: Sometimes. I had to think about positions and acts that would make sense in how they were being described. I had to get inside the head of the characters to figure out what they were thinking and feeling and what aroused them and how the arousal would manifest itself.

I also wanted to be socially responsible. I wanted to promote safe sex. I had to figure out how to write in the use of condoms and discussions about having been tested … without the characters cooling off or killing the mood.

There were times when I thought I should curtail a scene, but I wouldn’t be the first author to write sexually explicit material and all you have to do is look to some of the series on HBO or Showcase. I catch old episodes of Sex and The City on Cosmo sometimes and the writers and producers tackled all kinds of sex topics. Even prime time shows on other channels have explored sexuality. These shows are or were, very well written and the people behind them were willing to take those kinds of risks and met with success. That type of programming is very captivating. I’m a huge fan. It gave me courage to continue on my path.

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