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Note from the author: Animal rescue groups and animal shelters


Like my alter-ego iEla Zalewsk in Book 1 PRIVATE RESERVE, I have causes close to my heart. Although there are so many worthy of financial assistance, the one that touch me personally involves animal rescue groups and animal shelters.

This is a cause close to my heart because my husband and I have adopted four beautiful dogs from these organizations over the years and in the future, hope to adopt more dogs. They have them in all shapes and sizes and unfortunately there are far too many of them at these animal shelters or in foster situations.

The people who are involved with the animal rescue groups and animal shelters are often overwhelmed, but they feel that they cannot give up on these animals that have no one in their corner. Very often these people are their last chance.

There are also selfless people who volunteer their time at the shelters or foster cats and dogs in their homes; animals that have never known human kindness. Some of these kind-hearted people even go to the point of dipping into their savings, though they can ill afford it. It could be seen as a thankless job, but they don’t think so. They get such satisfaction from rehabilitating these poor creatures that so often relied on us for food, shelter and love in exchange for unconditional love … so eager to please and be accepted, but instead were let down … abandoned, neglected, abused – their spirits broken.

The people who devote themselves to these animals show them affection, teach them to trust and put in the time and effort to get them to where they are adoptable. They then carefully screen for the right forever home. They are the ones that give these innocents, their Second Chance. There is surely a special place in heaven for these individuals.

I intend to make donnations to 5 animal rescue groups/shelters in and around Montreal from some of the earnings from the PLEASURE IS ONLY THE BEGINNING SERIES. It will be called the Second Chance Donation.

Gerdy’s Rescues & Adoptions

Rosie Animal Adoptions

Kiko Dog Rescue

SPCA Montérégie

SPCA Montreal

Even if you do not purchase my books, please find it in your heart to help an animal rescue group/shelter in your community. It will be a very rewarding experience.

And/or if you are looking for a pet, have done your research about the animal and the breed, know about the level of commitment required and feel that you would be able to welcome an animal into your home … provide high quality food, shelter within your house, training, exercise, vet care, and have the time and desire to make your pet a part of the family, please, please consider adopting. You would be saving a life all over again and making room, so that other animals can have a second chance.



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