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Frequently asked:

Q: You have identified the DESIRE & LUXURY WINE series as provocative contemporary fiction intended for mature audiences. Why not just call it erotica? Is there something wrong with erotica?

A: Absolutely not. It just wouldn’t be 100% accurate. Love, sex, luxury wine is about branding myself. Readers will automatically connect the book with the author and know what style of book to expect… It’s a matter of consistency. PRIVATE RESERVE is intended for mature audiences and the books that follow will be as well. But, if you take PRIVATE RESERVE there are elements from other genres. I think this series of books is going to be a bit of a cross-over. Nevertheless, if someone is doing research by genre, it will come up under Romance and Erotica.

Q: Why did you decide to write a series of books at this stage in your life? A: Well, I always wanted to write a book and I always leaned towards provocative contemporary fiction, but I never had a story to tell. Years ago, I would not have even known how to go about it. Also, I was busy with my career as a wine agent.

Q: So what changed?

A: I got a firmer grasp on my career for one thing, and it was actually my career as a wine agent that led me here. The world of luxury wine gave me material and inspiration. It prompted me to go to the next step and do some research about provocative contemporary fiction. At that point I already had ideas on how to go about writing this kind of novel, and what I found in the way of information confirmed that my instincts were right. I took that as a sign. I was also encouraged by the kind of success that other authors of erotica and provocative fiction have had over the years. In fact, some books have made it into the mainstream. Titillation did not have to be taboo. It could be an acceptable form of entertainment for a broader audience. I guess you could say that this was my growth process … my Second Chance … facing down some of my fears, taking a chance, and just going for it.

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