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A post graduate degree in wine management and marketing from a prestigious Bordeaux school has prepared small town Ontario girl Brenna Ryan for a rewarding career in a field she is passionate about. But it’s her connection to beautiful sexy high class escort Dominque Augustin that brings glamor and excitement into Brenna’s life.

Thanks to Dominique, Brenna has confidence in abundance, a heightened sense of style and an unmistakable aura of sensuality – with a side benefit of entrepreneurial success and financial independence.

Romantic love does not figure in Brenna’s plans. In fact, she isn’t even looking for that kind of relationship.

Much higher in priority is the sheet-clenching, euphoria-inducing orgasm she has heard about but never experienced. With Brenna, the pleasurable tension builds until she’s ready to propel off the cliff of desire into thigh-melting bliss … then nothing. She always gets stuck at the same place.

Émile Chevalier, head of the Chevalier Group rules over an empire that includes entertainment, luxury brands, pharmaceuticals, renewable resources and a chain of boutique hotels. With all of the polish that money can buy, Émile never lost the street-fighter instincts that once defined him. Those same instincts have warned him to avoid entanglements of the heart and steered him towards liaisons purely sexual in nature.

Devastatingly handsome with a muscular tough-guy build and strong masculine features, Émile Chevalier is a dangerous man to cross and an even more dangerous one to love.

What if only a man with a past can give a woman with a secret that which she needs … and at what price?

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